Getting Started with Rental Property

So you’ve been thinking of owning and running rental property, or maybe even renting out the house you live in now instead of selling it? You’ve talked it over with your friends or loved ones and they think you are crazy to try. You get the standard discouragements like: When you are a landlord you get: ______

a) Called all the time. b) Your place destroyed. c) Sued.

d) Difficulties finding a renter. e) Taken to the cleaners. f) All of the above.

Real Estate Investing Books I Like

The incomparable Rich Dad, Poor Dad series is great, start with the first one. Another classic is Steve Berges The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Complexes. Even if you are investing in single family homes only, the techniques used will apply and will make you a far better single family investor. The essentials for basic valuation for multi-family is covered. If you know and can apply everything in this book, you can play.

Welcome to Real Estate Investing News

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