Air Conditioner (A/C) Cage for $90 or Less

How to build a cage for your Air Conditioner (A/C) to prevent stealing for $90 or less. An A/C condensor on a Houston, Texas foreclosure I bought had been stolen long before I bought it. The idea of putting a brand-new 13 SEER unit into a neighborhood known for A/C theft was not attractive. I am told that the scrap metal dealers are doing thumbprint, photograph and 3 day waiting period now before paying for copper. The A/C cage will consist of 3 bars north/south and 3 bars east/west. See picture. This should provide more than adequate room to work on the unit and have un-restricted air-flow. The goal is to make the cage so the unit cannot be removed from the cage without destroying it.

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7 Top Real Estate Investing Jobs

Real Estate investing has long been proven to make money for the active investor. Many of the real estate investing methods and techniques used to make some of the biggest (and quickest) returns only require a little time and a bit of knowledge to rapidly bring home a big check. Yet the “investing” gets a bit lost in most of the world of “Real Estate Investing” – there is no “investing” other than a bit of time – there is no ROI (Return On Investment) other than the time-for-money factor. Thats why I call these activities Real Estate Investing Jobs -they stop bringing income as soon as you stop working them.

Real Estate Investing through these jobs, while they make you money, will never give you financial freedom as they only generate quick money and not long-term, passive income. This article will look at some of the more popular methods of Real Estate Investing jobs.

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Real Estate Investing Books I Like

The incomparable Rich Dad, Poor Dad series is great, start with the first one. Another classic is Steve Berges The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Complexes. Even if you are investing in single family homes only, the techniques used will apply and will make you a far better single family investor. The essentials for basic valuation for multi-family is covered. If you know and can apply everything in this book, you can play.