TW: Small-Scale Property Management Software

Tech Watch has an article on rental property management software from Quicken: Quicken Rental Property Manager, launched earlier this year, offers a simplified and relatively inexpensive alternative to full-scale property management solutions. This program for Windows PCs�which offers a bare-bones approach to property management for tracking the income, expenses, and all the tax-related activity�is the first of its kind to meet the needs of small-scale property management at an affordable price. (The software is available in CD-ROM or via an online download for $99.99.) �It�s designed for those who handle from one to 10 properties, but it can support as many as 50 rental units,� says Andrew Reback, Intuit group product manager for Quicken Rental Property Manager…’ Other ‘sophisticated’ (and more expensive) solutions mentioned in the article are: Yardi System Inc. Residential Property Management, W.G. Software Inc. Tenant File, and MRI Residential