7 Top Real Estate Investing Jobs

Real Estate investing has long been proven to make money for the active investor. Many of the real estate investing methods and techniques used to make some of the biggest (and quickest) returns only require a little time and a bit of knowledge to rapidly bring home a big check. Yet the “investing” gets a bit lost in most of the world of “Real Estate Investing” – there is no “investing” other than a bit of time – there is no ROI (Return On Investment) other than the time-for-money factor. Thats why I call these activities Real Estate Investing Jobs -they stop bringing income as soon as you stop working them.

Real Estate Investing through these jobs, while they make you money, will never give you financial freedom as they only generate quick money and not long-term, passive income. This article will look at some of the more popular methods of Real Estate Investing jobs.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome is the fact that, when discussing the money made through Real Estate Investing, the numbers of dollars are much more than your common corporate job, and many people simply are not ready to handle such discussions.

You see, when you were very young, you were programmed to think that $X was a large amount and often this amount was only a few hundred, or perhaps, a few thousand, dollars.

Yet, when discussing Real estate investing deals, there are often multiple thousands of dollars at stake.

Most people simply are not used to discussing such numbers, and wind up not making the money they could. They simply have not learned the language of Real Estate Investing.

One of the first lessons I teach my students is how to get past the fear of discussing hundreds of thousands of dollars and changing the programming you were given as a child to form open ideas about money and investing to make even more money.

One quick step you can do to begin this journey is to look deep inside yourself and ask yourself how you feel about money. Can you comfortably discuss figures in the hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Most people learn quite quickly – with just a little bit of practice.

With that in mind, it is time to look at these Real Estate Investing Jobs more closely.

These ‘jobs’ bring you various levels of income, depending on your area, so instead of discussing them in dollar values, we will look at them from a percentage standpoint.

Of course, with these examples, the amount of work, time and knowledge you put into it will certainly pay off more (or less);

1. Property Profiling (birddogging) – this popular way to get started in real estate investing provides a real estate investing job with a decent income – something along the lines of what a factory worker would make in the area.

2. Lease Purchase – this powerful tool can be utilized to buy and sell property with no money out of your pocket (a Real Estate Investing sandwich), while keeping a nice pocketful of money for your time (can you tell this is one of my favorites?) An active person can make about 1.5 – 3 times more than the Property Profiler, on average.

3. Subject To – with a bit of training, you can make this method of real estate investing really pay off big. Once you know how to negotiate these deals, your real estate investing income will reach that of corporate executives – with much less of a time requirement.

4. Foreclosures – while highly lucrative and one of the top income producing methods of real estate investing, the time and knowledge required to actively pursue such deals is becoming more difficult all the time.

The payoff to those that can perform these deals is huge – about 10 times that of the Property Profilers, however, finding deals is much more difficult due to the number of people looking for them.

5. Tax Lien certificates – this is a true form of Real Estate Investing – actually putting your money into something that produces a return – one of the safest investments around with returns that beat any other form of passive investing. If you have money to invest, this is a great area to get into with 15%+ return with almost no down side.

This is still a real estate investing ‘job’ as tax lien certificates are short term, quick turn profit generators, not sustained over time, plus they take skill and talent to make the maximum profits.

6. Short Sales – this form of Real Estate Investing is another job, as your knowledge level and timing are extremely important. A lot of money can be made with this type of Real Estate Investing job – as much or more than any other form – once you know how.

7. Secondary notes/Purchasing Equity positions – a ‘higher level’ of real estate investing, where more knowledge is needed to limit the risk, however, the returns on equity position purchases can be extremely high – from 6%-10% for fully passive results and ‘sky’s the limit’ for purchasing equity positions.

Yes, once you get past the internal false programming – the erroneous things you have been taught all your life about money, you can begin a successful career in Real Estate Investing – through a variety of Real Estate Investing Jobs and then onto true, full, ‘watch-your-money-grow’ Real Estate Investing.