Rich Dad: Find Great Real Estate Investments

The Rich Dad site has a great article by Kim Kiyosaki: ‘…Start with a small property � a single family home, a duplex, or 3-plex. Invest a lot of time and a little money in your first deal. Mistakes are part of the process, and you should expect to make them. With each mistake, you become smarter and your next investment easier. So make your mistakes on small properties, learn from the mistakes, and then move on to larger properties. This is also why you want positive cash flow properties: The cash flow can buffer the mistakes you�ll make along the way…’

RD: Uncle Sam Wants You To Start a Business

The Rich Dad site has an article about the tax reasons for starting your own business: ‘…A lot has been said about the many advantages of starting your own business. Let�s start with the tax incentives. It�s no secret to anyone that the tax laws are written to promote business ownership. So do what the rich do. Start your own business and take advantage of the favorable tax advantages that come with owning a business…’Thanks to Lifestyles Unlimited E-zine for this link.