Lifestyles Unlimited Provides Unique Mentoring Program

Houston based Lifestyles Unlimited has a real estate mentoring and investing program that really works. provides a unique real estate mentoring program that can take most real estate investors to the next level. They have been in business for 15 years and have had countless real estate investing successes from single family houses to 200+ unit apartment complexes. The program is something of a learning laboratory for real estate investing and management that constantly reacts to market conditions and evolves strategies in a way that individual investors cannot.

It accomplishes this with a combination of full-time staff with extraordinarily deep real estate experience and an extensive community of members who remain in touch and assist one another. Education is a constant theme of Lifestyles, something it excels at. Members receive extensive education through seminars, field trips and e-mail lists.

One of the themes discussed during the program is members retirement day. That is the day when income from investments is greater than living expenses, essentially allowing the member to no longer have to work at a regular job. Lifestyles has retired hundreds of its members.

Words that Lifestyles founder Del Walmsley lives by are: ‘If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.’ Vice President Stephen Davis says that some of the techniques used by Lifestyles are more than 100 years old and derived from such sources as Benjamin Franklin’sThe Way To Wealth.

Lifestyles has been so effective that it has enabled others to build businesses on top of it such as limited partnerships that buy larger apartment complexes. Lifestyles has plans to expand to other Texas cities.

Lifestyles Unlimited appears to have hit on the right formula of education, mentoring and community that helps others to achieve extraordinary success in real estate investing.

Authors Disclosure: I am a Lifestyles member. I did not receive or have any expectation of receiving compensation from Lifestyles for writing this article or promoting the program.

4 thoughts on “Lifestyles Unlimited Provides Unique Mentoring Program”

  1. I would like to know the cost of this organization. Is it really “free”? If not, how much is required to join this organization? Is it legal? Is it worth looking into?

    Thank you,
    D S

    1. No, this is a paid membership. Contact the organization to find out how much. It is legal. It is worth looking into. — IV

  2. I am an ex prefered investor group member. Del Walmsley & Steve Davis are liars. They had Trey Stone on their radio show as a testimonial to say he got into his initial apartment complex deal with 25k. It turned out to be untrue AFTER I had paid the 10k for a membership. There stories are only sales lines to get membership fees and not give you the full details on apartments until after you pay the membership fees. I have filed a complaint with the SEC and FCC on these radio con men.

  3. T Johnson, I cannot approve your posting without contact information. Please email me if you want it posted. — IV

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