Tenant Sewage Hell

I recently bought a new 3 bedroom 2 bath house rental property. It has been some years and I had grown rusty, making some mistakes with the closing, financing and rehab. None fatal. I was trying to be diligent. The home was professionally inspected, I went ahead and spent some money on ceramic tiling the whole floor. I was choosy with the tenant selection, doing credit and criminal checks on all serious applicants. The tenant and family moved in. Then the sewer erupted into the house.

And the fun began. It erupted on a Saturday. Ever try to find a plumber on Saturday? Forget it. The tenants items were soaked. I called a professional plumber for the first of 3 times. They came 5 days later and put a cable down the sewer line ($225) and all seemed well for a week.

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The Key to Real Estate Investing Wealth: Patience, Research and Events

“98% of the millionaires in this country made it through Real Estate Investing”.

These words inspire millions to get involved in real estate investing, yet lack that special ‘secret ingredient’…

The one thing that explains HOW to make those millions in real estate investing…

So, just what is it that the millionaires of real estate know that you don’t?

Here is the key to making fortunes in real estate investing, or simply continuing to struggle aimlessly…

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Lifestyles Unlimited Provides Unique Mentoring Program

Houston based Lifestyles Unlimited has a real estate mentoring and investing program that really works. provides a unique real estate mentoring program that can take most real estate investors to the next level. They have been in business for 15 years and have had countless real estate investing successes from single family houses to 200+ unit apartment complexes. The program is something of a learning laboratory for real estate investing and management that constantly reacts to market conditions and evolves strategies in a way that individual investors cannot.

It accomplishes this with a combination of full-time staff with extraordinarily deep real estate experience and an extensive community of members who remain in touch and assist one another. Education is a constant theme of Lifestyles, something it excels at. Members receive extensive education through seminars, field trips and e-mail lists.

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